First Experience of Cupping Therapy

Does Cupping Therapy Hurt?

Cupping therapy is simple and safe but at the same time quite effecient treatment
modality. Cupping therapy has been practiced for a few thousand years.

Probably, the simplicity of cupping technique and application has been a main contributor for the cupping underestimate and underuse in modern medicine.

During the early 20th century sophisticated medical apparatus and medications were invented and introduced to the mainstream medicinal use. Cupping was set aside.

The earliest written evidence of cupping was by the doctors of ancient Egypt and China. Cupping practice, however, was not limited to those cultures. All over the ancient world, many civilizations adopted cupping as part of their medicine and, later, integrated cupping practice as part of their mainstream medicine.

Does Cupping Therapy Hurt

The first experience of cupping - does it hurt [VIDEO]

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