Cao Gio - Vietnamese Gua Sha

Cao Gio Coining - Scraping Practice

This is a video compilation of Vietnamese healing practice CAO GIO (means "scraping wind").
As a cultural medical practice Cao Gio scraping was imported to Vietnam from China far in the past and has been regarded as an effective treatment from cold and some other diseases which were believed to be a result of Wind - an exterenal pathogen factor. Go to the last short video in this article to see a short history of gua sha scraping.

There are different methods of cạo gió practiced.
  • Some practitioners use oil or balm and a coin to apply pressure strokes to the skin.
  • Other people use a boiled egg with a coin inserted in the middle instead of the yolk. The egg is wrapped in a piece of cloth and then rubbed over the different areas of skin. After the treatment, when the coin is removed, it will appear black.
cao gio coining

Cao Gio Demo by Vietnamese Monk

Cao Gio 3 Min Video in Home Setting

Cupping Therapy in Vietnam

Let's not forget that coining and cupping are all parts of one bigger practice to remove excessive Wind from the body.

While gua sha is sometimes may hurt (which is not necessary) cupping is a more gentle procedure.

Gua Sha All Over the World - Cao Gio, Kerokan, Khoud Lam

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